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What we do

We offer a highly effective and sustainable marketing medium that can quickly impact a company's bottom line, save energy globally, and enhance the customer experience.

Convenience Stores

Quality lighting draws in new customers and our Point Of Sale marketing plan opens up potential new revenue streams.


InkLites provide an attractive, inviting LED-Lit Indoor environment that will attract new customers, reinforce your brand image, and keep top employees for the long run. Our patent pending methods can help retailers maximize their space and grow their bottom dollar.


Fully licensed with many NCAA universities, InkLites can help you support your team, light your schools, and provides outstanding internships to energy conscious students.


Sustainability is key to everyone’s success. The INKLITE INITIATIVE offers the opportunity for corporations to promote their brand while aiding global sustainability in a unique way. Sign up today!


Branding is key to any franchise. InkLites offers an easy way to light up your brand in a consistent and economical way. 24/7/365


Lower your energy bills, increase your ambience. InkLites offer a quick and easy update to many hotels and restaurants.


Add imagery to relax your clients, improve sanitation, and build a sustainable world.


Point of Sale marketing over beverage coolers in convenience stores offer merchandising advantages over the long run.


Cool opportunities to separate yourself from the crowd, promote your team, or just relax and enjoy!

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Make People Say Wow Illuminate Your Space

make your space a little brighter with custom light up signs. they are cost effective by using energy saving led technology.

Top 6 Benefits

Effective Low Cost Point Of Sale Marketing Than Last

Wayfinding Signage Allows For More Efficiencies In Travel

Branding 24/7/36 Better Merchandising Increases Sales Per Square Foot

Sustainable Energy Savings

Clean Sanitary Surfaces Reduce Pathogens And Provide For A Healthier Work Environment

Better Ligthing In A Work Environment Increases Empolyee Satisfication, Attracts Top Talent And Reduces Employee Turnover

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John David

We love the natural light and clean look, GREAT WORK!


Haris Butt

We love the natural light and clean look, GREAT WORK!


Joe Smith

We love the natural light and clean look, GREAT WORK!

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